Dare Rabbit Black Hoodie

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Dare Rabbit Black Hoodie. Original design by Reb for Outcast Rebellion. Available in six sizes. For nonconformist dark stylers.


Dare Rabbit is a cunning creature that preys on unsuspecting individuals. With its cute and innocent appearance, it tricks people into thinking that it needs their help. However, its true intentions are far more sinister. Once it gains the trust of its prey, Dare Rabbit reveals its true nature and attempts to possess them. It uses its wiles and charm to manipulate and control its victims, leaving them helpless and under its spell.

Dare Rabbit is a creature to be feared, for its deceptive nature can easily ensnare those who let their guard down. Those who encounter it should beware and never let their guard down around this dangerous predator.


SMALL 50 70
MEDIUM 54 71
LARGE 60 72
XL 64 72
2XL 70 79
3XL 73 83

*These figures are indicative only, and some variation should be expected, due to fabric stretch and manufacturer 2″ tolerances.­

• Original Design by Reb
• 80% Cotton. 20% Polyester
• Approx Weight: 280gsm
• Kornit DTG printing, Eco and Vegan friendly inks

* Colours are only as accurate as web allows.


Washing instructions to keep your printed hoodie looking on trend:

• 30° gentle machine wash
• Do not bleach, dry clean, tumble dry or dry on a radiator
• Iron at low temperature (not on the print!)


All Hoodie orders ship from our Ormskirk facility in Lancashire, UK. It takes about 5 days to print and dispatch orders. International orders will take approximately 7 to 10 days or longer, depending on your global location.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Stay Safe.

Reb ⛧🖤💀


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