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Introducing our Women’s Goth T-Shirt – Ruby Red Eyes VS Bone Bag Part One, an enthralling creative that plunges you into the enigmatic world of the artist’s brooding ‘graphic novel’ illustrative flair. Enter the mysterious domain of “Ruby Red Eyes,” a young girl gifted with otherworldly powers, but are they enough to vanquish the death deity known as Bone Bag.


ATTENTION! The T-shirts worn by the models do not represent the garment you are buying. See the ‘flat’ tee images for the actual t-shirt cut.

Presenting our Women’s Goth T-Shirt, a captivating canvas that immerses you in the artist’s dark ‘graphic novel’ illustrative style. Step into the mysterious realm of “Ruby Red Eyes,” a striking pen and ink creation that graces the front of this unique garment, making a bold head-turning statement.

Front Artwork: “Ruby Red Eyes VS Bone Bag, Part One”

Printed in two colours, this front-facing artwork presents the protagonist, Ruby Red Eyes, a young girl with mesmerizing red eyes, against a vivid crimson backdrop. The skulls behind her serve as a clue to the identity of the villain of this story – Bone Bag.

Back Design: Rebellion Emblem and Motto

Turn the t-shirt around to discover the emblem of our rebel spirit—a symbol of defiance and resilience. The motto, “Live fast! Love hard! Die brave!” echoes the spirit of those who embrace unconventional paths.

Available in Black and White, Sizes S to 2XL

Choose your shade of struggle with our Women’s Ruby Red Eyes Goth T-Shirt, available in classic black or pristine white. The range of sizes, from Small to 2XL, ensures a perfect fit for every rebel ready to embrace their unique style.

Meet Ruby Red Eyes: A Warrior Beyond Human

Ruby Red Eyes, the protagonist of this alternative saga, transcends mere humanity. Endowed with potent abilities from the spiritual realm, she channels her powers to track down and capture violent murderers possessed by demons. Let her story unfold with each wear, and become a part of this yet-to-be-written narrative. Graphic novel coming soon?

Dress boldly. Embrace your inner anti-hero. With our Women’s Goth T-Shirt, you carry the spirit of Ruby Red Eyes wherever you go. Live fast, love hard, and wear your defiance proudly!


• 100% cotton, white 144gsm, Colours 153gsm.
• DTG Printed Front and back with original artwork designed by Reb.

All T-shirt orders ship from the garment printing facility in Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK.
We print and dispatch UK orders within 48 hours. Here, this refers to 2 working days and does not include weekends or Bank Holidays.


• Australia
• Canada
• United States
• European Union

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Stay Safe.

Reb ⛧🖤💀


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